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Week rent


The wellness loft 'Le Temps des Coquelicots'


Wellness location 'A moment for two'

Well-being locations

The loft 'Le temps des coquelicots' 185 euro per night for 2 people.

The location 'A moment for 2' 175 euro per night for 2 people.

The two prices include breakfast & taxes.



 The 2 private 'Wellness" locations "Le Temps des Coquelicots" & "A Moment for 2" 

We ask 50% of the total amount of the stay to validate a reservation. The balance is paid on arrival.

We also ask a guarantee/deposit of 200 euro towards the correct use of the 'Wellness" equipment which is returned the day of departure after checking the let. We accept credit card details as a guarantee in lieu of a cheque or cash. Animals are not accepted in the "Wellness" locations.


 A 25 euro deposit will be asked to validate a reservation.

 Deposits will be fully refunded up to 48 hours before arrival date.

One dog is welcomed in the Country Room.






Country Suite

Location for two price per night 65 euro including breakfast





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